Why Choose Ambition?

About Our Coaches

All of our coaches are certified by the International Coach Federation and have gone through rigorous coaching programs. Our coaching philosophy is to actively listen and ask powerful questions to help our clients look at their challenges with new perspectives and receive support while solving their own problems. Our coaches are certified in a number of assessment tools, including:

  • Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i) 2.0 and 360
  • Leadership Circle Profile 360

About Our Consultants

While some consultants share “best practices” they learned in their studies, Ambition consultants are all current and former leaders who can relate to the leadership challenges you face. Ambition consultants draw upon their own personal experiences managing up, leading employees through change, dealing with poor performers, and other difficult leadership situations. Leaders who rely on advice from Ambition consultants can rest assured that the advice we give is based on our own “lessons learned” in addition to research and best practices.

About Ambition’s President

Ambition was founded by an Executive Leadership Coach who is a former corporate leader of a large, matrixed consulting firm. She has over 17 years of leadership and learning development experience, and extensive experience in change management initiatives and program design and implementation.

How Ambition Is Different

Many consulting firms claim to be the best at everything but fall short. Ambition partners with other boutique firms with expertise in one specific area. When a company comes to Ambition with a challenge, Ambition experts listen and ask questions to accurately diagnose the client's needs. Ambition then identifies the necessary expertise and assembles the right "dream team" to carry out the solution.

Contact us for a free consultation: info@ambitionllc.net